Cannabis for Pets

In our never ending challenge to find Abby some anxiety relief when she’s left alone,  we’ve tried SO many different things, and each of them work to a certain degree, but not enough to really put her at ease.  Our latest trial brings us to the world of Cannabis. Yes, you read that right. Not exactly the same as medical marijuana, as that is actually toxic to pets, but hemp. There’s an oil that gets extracted from hemp, and it doesn’t give you the same mental high that marijuana does (there’s no THC – which is the psychoactive ingredient), but it does have CBD, and that supposedly is VERY helpful in pets that suffer from a number of ailments, from seizures, to separation anxiety.

We’ve tried all the over the counter anxiety aids, and none of them work. One bag of treats says for an 80lb dog, to give 6 treats.  I gave her 12, and saw *nothing*. Still very high levels of panic when the crate door shuts.  So it will be very interesting to see how these CBD treats work on her state of anxiety.  I’m very hopeful, given all the wonderful reviews, but then again, all dogs are different, and our Abby seems to be intolerant of a lot of different things.

So Abby is now a registered member at one of our local dispensaries.  It feels a bit odd to go into such a controversial establishment and buy dog treats, but I’m desperate to help Abby find the peace I know she must seek.

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