My Valentine

Abby isn’t the perfect dog. She’s a bit of a bully sometimes. She can be very stubborn. Her anxieties prevent her from being ‘ok’ when left alone. She has used her mouth to tell us things (ie. food aggression, and snapping at people when she’s tired/cranky). She is a strong leash puller when she wants something (squirrel/cat/leaf). She’s an introvert, and doesn’t like being pet (especially by strangers). She’s terrified of water. We’re working on these things, and she gets better all the time. I have moments of extreme pride when I think of all the things we’ve accomplished together over the year! But she’s not the perfect dog. But she’s my dog, and I’m her person.

She’s also super gentle when taking a treat. She doesn’t beg for food (unless it’s pizza, she really likes pizza). She asks permission to get on the couch or bed (most of the time). She sleeps in when we sleep in. She makes us laugh all the time because she’s such a goofy girl. She tolerates my constant photoshoots with grace (and lots of bribes). She lets us give her hugs and cuddles. She loves us, and trusts us fully. She’s my dog, and I’m her person.


Rainy days, and leftover candy from Christmas, means I get to work on my food photography! Today was nice and sunny, and the light coming into the kitchen was perfect. I couldn’t let it go to waste!